Launched: January 13 2023, 11:11 UTC | Golden Tickets


MultiChain Decentralized NFT Marketplace with lowest fee, white label marketplace renting, gallery in the metaverse and so much more!


Marketland is a MultiChain Decentralized marketplace that has all the characteristics found across other marketplaces, but with added functionalities that will facilitate many things such as your purchases, sales, in-block upload of collections, connecting your social networks to launch campaigns, discord, and much more.
Our Golden Tickets have a crucial role in Marketland, because with them you will have access to all the tools and benefits of the platform, including staking rewards.

▸Early Access to the Marketland Launchpad.
▸Early access to the Whitelists of projects in
▸Renting your own white-label Marketplace using our software engine ( for the owners of x3 Golden Tickets (for as long as you have those 3 tickets).
▸Owning 1 or more tickets will enable all the benefits of the platform.
▸15% of the total commissions collected annually by Marketland will be distributed among the Golden Ticket owners (a percentage will be given for each ticket).
▸By owning 3 Golden Tickets you get access to your own White Label Fully Customizable Marketplace using our technology and set your own fees in it.
▸Access to your very own Gallery in the metaverse, and view your entire collection or marketplace in a virtual 3D gallery.
▸Mining of Free Collections.
▸Discord Creators Campaign (you will receive help from the Marketland creators and developers team for your project).
▸"Discord Collabs": Discord channel where Golden Ticket holders can connect with other people interested in creating, developing and publicizing new projects together.
▸NFT drops (gift NFTs).
▸Launchpad to create your campaigns by connecting your main social networks