Launched: May 15 2023

Looking for you


Detective Jameson stepped out onto the rooftop and surveyed the cyberpunk cityscape. The sky was a sickly shade of orange, casting an eerie glow over the towering skyscrapers and the maze of pipes and ducts that surrounded him. But Jameson wasn't there to take in the view.


He was there on a mission, a mission to find his missing cat, Mr. Whiskers. The detective knew that his feline companion had a knack for getting into trouble, and he had a feeling that he might be hiding up on the roof. So he climbed up onto a nearby pipe and scanned the area, calling out for his furry friend. As he searched, Jameson couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. The city was changing, and he wasn't sure if he liked where it was headed. But for now, he had to focus on the task at hand: finding Mr. Whiskers before he got into any more trouble.