Launched: April 13 2022



• These are Figures you're looking for! LegoFigures will be a limited edition of 100 different Figures. Each one is unique and will be a 1/1 series.

• This collection contains figurines of different rarity formats :
• Mythical (RED)
• Legendary (GOLD)
• Epiq (PURPLE)
• Rare (BLUE)
• Normal (WHITE)


• When I was little, I loved playing with LEGOs. I collected a lot of minifigures and built a lot of constructions. So today I start my new collection of LegoFigures.

• Each figure has her own story and background. Each Figure has something to told you about her nature and you can found interestind details and elements of story tailing if you look closer at these Figures. Some figures are tied to different events in the real world, so it is realy interesting to found allusions to different real facts. I remember my first LEGO set, I was overwhelmed with unforgettable feelings. So today I invite you to join my in this unforgettable experience.