Launched: August 05 2022

Kin Raidon


Kin Raidon is just a taste of something we have been planning and working on for many weeks. There will be projects coming depending on the success of the project where you as an Kin Raidon holder will get unique goodies/premium features.


PHASE (In Progress)
Finalize Kin Raidon collection with 100+ unique trait
Launch website, social media and Discord
Strong Community building via Social Media and Influencers marketing
Reward the growing community with giveaways
Engagement with the community through contests, games and activities
Collaboration with other CNFT/NFT projects
Twitter Spaces and AMAs

Presale minting 2100 supply
Establish a wallet to use for buy-backs and where all royalties will go.
Increase and maintain floor price by buying back all below mint CNFTs and use them for giveaways.
Organize events exclusively for presale holders
15 customizable legendary Kin Raidon NFTs
Prepare Merchandise and anime Book for holders

Public Minting 4900 supply
Real life party and meet up for holders in Japan
Increase and maintain floor price
We will launch new manga series including Kin Raidon and other NFT projects

Play-2-Earn Game

Premium Members