Launched: June 25 2022



More than just a collection of 7,777 badass kitties, KatMonstarz are a lifestyle, a dream, a grain of Meow in an ocean of degens. Let’s get out our litter box to creat a web3 brand where everyone will be able to contribute.


Katmonstarz is 7777 nfts supply. Half of this supply will be free 2 mint, ONLY If you have a free mint pass. The collection will live on Etherium .

KatMonstarz, is the opportunity for kitten like you to be part of a new brand we will all build together. You won’t need to invest much money but we will need your kittie skills: Marketing, communication, design, 3D, humor, web3, metaverse, kindness, Solidity.

You got it: we want BUILDERS with us. We are looking for people who will share our vision and desire to creat a brand that will take roots in web3.