Launched: November 30 2022



“When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”
Now they walk among us!
Do you feel fear slowly taking over you?:ghost:

We present to you our Genesis 666 NFTs Collection:skull:
The Genesis NFT Holders have the most perks and win most rewards both in REAL LIFE and in our Metaverse!

Run away or join us, it's up to you! But if you do join us, BEWARE, "you'll suffer beautifully".

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Welcome to the HorrorVerse!
The only Horror Metaverse, now live on the Ethereum Blockchain!

Horrorverse is the FIRST WEB3 PROJECT to place all things in real life that already exist in a genre and make them universally accessible in the virtual world, while offering an amazing interactable web 3 experience to everyone that has joined it!

Horrorverse represents the Metaverse where the future of HORROR Cinematography, Literature, Gaming, Art, Entartainment etc. will evolve. It will be the biggest Horror Community in the world, gathering people from all expertises to join it and share their common passion.