Launched: May 15 2022

Goodfellas Ape Club


Inspired by the way of life and Goodfellas the movie, Goodfellas Ape Club is a unique NFT collection of 5,555 Goodfellas. Each one proof-of-ownership is stored as an ERC-721a token on the Ethereum Blockchain and hosted on IPFS.


With over 140 hand-drawn traits each Goodfellas Ape Club NFT is a verifiably unique work of digital art that grants you access to member-only benefits unlocked through Roadmap activation.
Creating a solid, unique and loyal community is our goal #1, who we reward with exclusive members-only benefits.

Goodfellas Ape Club is community driven project which means that every holder will have the right to vote and to be equal among the others.

As you can see in our roadmap - all of our goals are achievable through the completion of a successful mint (%).
Goodfellas Ape Club will be released on May 15th.