Launched: May 04 2023

Flowers Flowers Flowers


Audio Galleries Presents: Flowers, Flowers, Flowers by Philip Colbert.

A celebration of the universal profound symbol of the flower.


Paying reference to Colbert’s predecessor Andy Warhol. Whose flower works were taken from a magazine advert, Colbert develops the subject further into the 21st century, creating a series of highly stylised and productified flowers, exploring a universe of aesthetics within the subject.

“For me flowers are the ultimate symbols of mortal beauty, I love how universally poetic they are. The sculptural essence of transient life, how a moment of beauty defies everything forever in the moment.“

The flower paintings have been a strand of Colbert’s practice for the last few years, Initially conceptually inspired by Warhol’s and reinvented within his unique digital world, as cactus flowers growing all over his metaverse. For this new series Colbert has dived much deeper in the subject.

“Flower paintings are one of the great themes of art history, and I felt they make the perfect subject for an infinite supply generative edition. I very much believe in an art for all philosophy, and love the democratic reach digital collections have, and how they make unique artworks more accessible for all.“

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers is the 13th Artist Edition and 1st Generative Collection in partnership with Audio Galleries.