Launched: July 01 2022

Encaustic Abstract by Alona Hryn


Collection of encaustic artworks by Alona Hryn


Encaustic or hot wax painting is a very ancient technique, dated back in the antique times. Encaustic paint is made from a combination of beeswax, pigment, and damar resin, and is worked by heating and melting the materials. Therefore, you never know how the wax will behave after heating, where it will melt and what kind of patterns it will give. You need to trust the flow and look for a picture in what has already turned out from the temperature. It is impossible to create two identical works.
My technique is a mix of multiple layers of wax and wax crayons that create depth and subtle color vibrations. The paintings are very textured. All artworks made with encaustic are characterized by bright color and silky light. Most of them are also abstract; therefore, it is your turn now - play your own game, engage your imagination and find your own interpretation of each painting.

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