Launched: June 30 2022



DISGRACE represents hope, insecurity, confidence, pain, excitement, light and darkness. We hope to convey our feelings to the whole world and eventually, through our proceeds, donate to our local charities based in Morocco to help the less fortunate part of our rural population who deserves an equal shot at life as the rest of us.


It all started with a bunch of kids, worrying about nothing in a carefree life. Back then, imagination was our main world. We all grew up watching superheroes and anime, stimulating our creativity and desire for growth and this is how our project came to be.

We came together to bridge the gap between imaginary, digital and physical, and allow abstract ideas and concepts to have real worth and value. We believe in the huge potential of the world limited by our imagination, and that everyone has a fair go with the democratized system of NFTs. Art is the best way to project our imagination but also our feelings and energy.

We would like to give people (especially the youth) the chance to reflect through art on their inner world and feelings, whether positive or negative, and help foster their creativity and freedom of thought while also fighting what might keep them down.

We believe that our NFTs are a perfect representation of that and that we can help teenagers find their own personal way through our art, while also normalizing negative feelings to create balance and fight toxic positivity.