Launched: November 07 2022, 09:16 UTC



Hello, I'm a normal Italian guy like many, and being passionate about crypto, and having finished my studies, I decided to find a job in this blockchain world, the project I called "Crypto_Ghosts" is for me a dream that I've been trying to realize for more than 2 years. I promise that if my collection is successful, I will accomplish all the goals on the roadmap (which you can find on my twitter page), with prizes and more.


This project aims to convey the excitement of classic ghosts that scare people, repurposing the story digitally. Legend has it that the creator of this collection created a computer virus that infected PCs around the world via the Internet, and had them "possessed" by these "ghosts." And these ghosts make infected PCs do paranormal things, such as making them turn on and off by themselves, or open a text document and write nonsense.

The only way to get rid of them is to lock them up in your crypto wallet, because thanks to the security of blockchain, they won't be able to escape. (If you notice well there is the hidden message to buy the NFTs in the collection with the phrase "The only way to get rid of them is to lock them up in their own crypto wallet.")