Launched: December 24 2022

Chef Boi R Doge: Mixed Breeds


15 gen 2 chef dogs over 20 breeds and 600+ traits total!


REVEAL AT 1000 MINTED! The chef dogs are evolving once again! A magical mixture of human grade food and love has evolved the chef dogs into a higher state of being. A new frontier is on the horizon, join us! This is a 10k free claim + gas for gen 1 members +5k for 0.1ETH to non members release that will be minted in Q2-Q4 2022. 20 unique breeds with 10 colours so over 200 variations of dog breeds! 9 traits 600+ variations! CHEF DOG GEN 2 LINK GEN 2 LINK GEN 1 LINK 2 ETHERSCAN