Launched: March 29 2023

BlockChain Bounty Events


Our project offers three distinct lotteries that operate continuously, each with its unique payout structure. The first lottery is priced at $20 and pays out every Sunday. Each week, a new collection of tickets is released, with the lottery prize pool equaling the total value of the tickets sold. For example, if the 10k tickets for the week sell out, the prize pool will be $160k, with $20k set aside for the public wallet. This wallet is shared through our Discord and website to market the prize pool and ensure transparency. These funds will grow by $20k weekly, which will accumulate until either Christmas or New Year's Day to fund the Yearly Lottery ticket. To participate in the yearly lottery, a user must hold an NFT from the current year's lottery system. The remaining funds are used for team expenses and marketing.


The second-tier lottery operates on a bi-weekly payout structure, with a ticket price of $35. If, for example, the collection is comprised of 10k tickets, the prize pool will be $350k, with three winners announced every other week. Each winner receives $93k, and winners must go live with the team and the community to ensure transparency. The remaining $70k will be split among the ad, team, and yearly lottery bonus.

The top-tier lottery pays out monthly and has a ticket price of $50. For example, if the 10k collections sell out, the prize pool will be $500k, with three winners announced at the end of the month. Each winner receives the largest prize of $133,333, and winners must go live with the team and the community to claim their winnings. The remaining $100k will be split for the project's 20%, with $70k allocated to the community yearly lottery.

Our lotteries aim to produce life-changing winnings for our community members while promoting transparency and community engagement. The amount of yearly lottery winner(s) will be decided by a community vote. We plan to tailor our lotteries according to the size of our community, starting with smaller lotteries for a growing community and increasing the prize pool as the community grows. Our goal is to exceed the 10k collection limit and increase the number of winners as the prize pool grows. We believe this project has the potential to generate significant user growth, as evidenced by BC.Games' lottery system, which has three million users on their gambling platform. Examples of their ad spending:

It's important to note that our project is not just about lotteries and winnings, but also about building a strong and engaged community. We believe that by creating these lotteries, we can bring people together and foster a sense of excitement and anticipation around our project. We also plan to use the funds generated from the lotteries to further develop and grow our project, with a focus on marketing and outreach to attract new users and expand our community.

Overall, we are excited about the potential of our project and the possibilities that these lotteries can bring. We believe that by creating a fun and engaging way for people to participate in our project, we can build a strong and passionate community that will help us achieve our goals and create value for our users. We look forward to seeing how our project evolves and grows over time, and we invite everyone to join us on this exciting journey.

We will provide each lottery with its own personal wallet that will be shared on all of our networks. This will allow users to track the wallet, add it to their watchlist, and monitor it easily.

What makes this project unique?

Our lottery system is unique in that we do not tax winnings, similar to state lotteries. We also aim to build a large online community that can provide numerous opportunities for giveaways and financial freedom with minimal risk. Unlike other high-risk projects, we want to offer a stable and safe experience for our users. Additionally, we believe that NFTs have significant value and can be used to offer financial freedom to holders. While buying and selling NFTs will be an option, the true winner during the selection process will be the holder of the NFT.

How can I earn money from this project?

As the community grows, so will the value of the NFTs. Buying and selling NFTs is a great option as they are limited, and each NFT will serve as a lottery ticket for the end-of-year prize. Users can also increase their odds of winning by loading up on NFTs if the project's value falls. Holding onto NFTs can also lead to being named the Bounty Hunter of the Week.

Why do we need to go live with the team and community to claim prizes?

It is essential for all winners to go live to capture their reactions and feelings when their wallet changes. This will benefit both the community and the project as a whole, allowing us to create memorable content and increase traffic for future lotteries. We aim to create a family-like atmosphere where we can watch each other's lives change in the blink of an eye.(This will also get us in position to get get sponsorship and more winnings and allow our team to push the limits. 

What if something happens to the Owner of the Wallets?

We have taken precautions and this information will be displaced to the next in charge. There are binding agreements in place to make sure our investors and teams members are safe. Once we start doing live reactions we do realize the spotlight that will be cast on this Project and have thought in advance how to limit outside interaction. As We grow as a community we will be looking for a few developers to help in this aspect to make this more Automated while allowing us to build in many new lanes. 

Does the Team have any more plans for the Project?

Within the first Weeks Lottery the Team will be hiring someone to redo the website and start Developing a system that will best fit our community. We do have a lot that has not been listed on the roadmap! Stay tuned for Community Updates. 

What Is The Goal of BlockChain Bounty?

We have a few “Goals” we are working towards at this protocol. Besides the obvious lottery winnings we want to help push the Web 3 narrative in a positive direction. Our Team Understands marketing and the power of a community and we would like to utilize our knowledge to build something bigger than ourselves. Our goal for the lottery is to have at least 60 winners a month or 721 winners a year at minimum. The lottery is just the start of the formula we have in place.  This community will have access to all types of giveaways besides the Lotteries we hold. We have spent months developing a strategy to help bring this Project beyond Web3 while controlling the narrative.  

Can You Win More Then Once?

Yes you are able to claim the bounty more then once but to keep this fair and allow more winners, IF you win the SAME lottery more then once a small percentage will be distributed to another winner that is chosen randomly. We do know this is an inconvenience but remember we do want to make sure everyone gets that feeling. So yes you will still receive majority of your winnings if you hit the lotteries more then once. 

Where Will the Lives Be posted?

Live feeds of the winner will be posted across our various social media. We will not use your name or information you provided us, only your reaction and the convo with the team. We need validity and transparency for this project to grow and feel this is a great way to achieve that!