Launched: August 17 2022, 16:00 UTC

BJS Project


NFT digital 3D & photography highlighting the uniqueness of architectural and landscape work

Collect & trade unique places

Support associations for reconstruction of towns & villages destroyed by natural & technological disasters

Network between art & building actors


Sale of collectible & tradable NFT pictures I World architectures & Landscapes photography & 3D

BJS project is born from an architect traveling around the world, trying to highlight the uniqueness of each culture, whatever the social, urban & natural landscape. The artistic approach of this nft project is to represent the singularity of the works, like treasures that will indelibly mark our times. Ephemeral, they are the pillar of our ways of living and invite us to contemplate them, as to cross them.

In a world of uncertainty (wars, technological & natural disasters) this project serves as a constant support for emergency architectures, of which many towns and villages are in immediate need.

Indeed, with a 10% net proceeds donated to the foundation of emergency architects, this unique NFT collection is the pioneer in architectural support.

I First collection of 111 architectural & urban pictures I Second drop of 70 landscapes pictures I Third & special drop of 200 dystopic 3d architectural concepts I Details & description in social networks