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Launched: March 30 2023

Band of the Wolf Set by Gods Unchained


Ethereum-based NFT card game Gods Unchained is set to unveil its latest card set, dubbed the Band of the Wolf. Since its debut in 2018, Gods Unchained has become the go-to platform for free-to-play NFT gaming. Players use a variety of cards to battle opponents with different strengths and abilities. Gods Unchained rewards players with new cards or its governance token $GODS, to use for voting on game improvements, purchasing in-game items, or simply selling on exchanges like Coinbase. 


The latest NFT set by Gods Unchained contains 38 cards, giving players added in-game features, including a card combination option, to gain an advantage against opponents. The set is specially designed to equip players to immerse themselves in the game’s famous Raneko Village battle.  

Most of the cards in the latest set will be sold on the Gods Unchained gaming store, powered by the gas-free NFT marketplace ImmutableX. The 38 cards are pegged at four different prices based on their contents, namely $1.99, $7.99, $99.99, and $209.99. 

God’s Unchained newest NFT set introduces several new design and distribution approaches. Prime among these improvements is the “Ally” mechanic, which allows players to achieve higher tribal synergies when they summon a creature from the same tribe during gameplay. The Ally mechanic unlocks new deckbuilding possibilities that make the Band of Wolf set more desirable to collectors.

Gods Unchained also ushers in a new Crafting Mechanic alongside its Band of the Wolf set release. This new feature enables gamers to fuse Band of the Wolf cards to derive additional copies that can further result in crafting exclusive legendary cards. Notably, users must follow specified recipes to craft the items since not all 38 cards can perform the function.

Gods Unchained is spicing up the launch by introducing a discount for early buyers. As the card sale moves to $600,000, the discount rate will reduce progressively from 10% to 0%. The game studio will retain any remaining cards from the purchase and allocate them toward future rewards for gamers.

Moreover, Gods Unchained has made a provision to honor its most active players. The gaming platform will issue eligible players with Trinket rewards. Further, the game will hold a special campaign where all existing users will receive a Band of the Wolf crafting pack. Users must have created an account before March 15th and have a digital wallet linked to be eligible for rewards.

Mark your calendar, so you don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your Gods Unchained gameplay with these exclusive legendary card sets going on sale from March 30th to April 27th!