Launched: July 01 2022

Arcade Solway


What makes us different? Well, it's an arcade game that reminds us all of TV video games.

We want to go back in time, we are already in an age where everything is moving towards reality, we believe that the "True" video games are the old ones, those old arcade games.


Arcade Solway - Solana based NFTs inspired by retro arcade racers, usable in a highly customisable retro drag racing arcade game with high skill ceiling for both iOS and android.

Become a car dealer, a professional racing driver or both! Collect all kinds of NFTs from cars to custom tiers, car parts, air fresheners, shift knobs, dashboards and audio cassettes.

Use your own NFTs as drivers. Play versus AI, from amateurs to professional AI drivers or compete with real players in pay to enter races, winner takes all.