Launched: March 30 2023

Apex Doodles: Pixel Racers


Buy an NFT That's Actually Good. Win a Racing Car!

Apex Doodles is a Web3 motorsport project like no other. The project follows the racing career of Oscar Joyce (OJ), a professional driver and artist currently competing in the Hagerty Radical Cup UK. 


Ownership of an Apex Doodles NFT gives you the chance to win OJ's racing car, plus exclusive access to our private Discord community. Discord access comes with access to ongoing prizes and benefits.

Yes, you read that right. 

Buying an Apex Doodles NFT, including an NFT from our Genesis Collection, automatically enters you into our car lottery. You can win the car pictured above or the cash equivalent (current car value is up to $50,000 USD).

About the Pixel Racers Collection

Launching 30 March 2023, Pixel Racers is the second collection from Apex Doodles. Each Pixel Racer character features a unique design and name, as well as unique attributes. Each character belongs to a category, such as Chaos Racers, Flower Power Racers, Alpine Racers, and Oil Spill Racers. 

Prices start from 0.059 ETH and ownership comes with guaranteed benefits and the potential to win a racing car. The NFTs literally form part of the car design, going racing with Oscar Joyce each week throughout the Radical season. 

Prize draws will occur throughout OJ's racing season, with the final prize draw and car giveaway coming in Q3 2023. The winner can choose to take the car or have the team sell it and take the cash. The prize draw has been officially registered in the United Kingdom as a Small Society Lottery.